Let there be Light!

May 29, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Enlightened Furniture

Let There Be Light

The lighting around us has a greater role in our life than we realize. Imagine reading in a room with a very faded and dim light, or sleeping with a bright piercing light above our head! Every time of the day, place and activity requires a certain kind of lighting; nothing less or more! While natural lighting is the best light, we need additional lightning to supplement indoor activities and times with no natural light available for use. What we need to create is a perfect balance and mix of natural and electric lighting. This helps remove strain and minimize wastage of electricity. Let’s take a small example; a study desk must be placed in such a manner that natural sunlight illuminates the area during the day and the lighting at night does not cast shadows over the desk.

Lighting is a basic human necessity! One cannot do without it; so why not do it right! The oldest use of lighting as a source and decoration can be seen in royal palaces. Opulent Chandeliers were a mark of prosperity and wealth. Chandeliers till today add immense amount of grace and elegance to any room! But, they need to be in accordance with the size of the room! Floor lamps are the more popular ones today and come in various shapes and sizes to add style and produce adequate lighting to a living room or bedroom. Lighting Table Lamps are great for bedside tables, study desks or any other place where focused light is required for an activity or highlight a particular element. Reading, tucked in bed, with a lighting table lamp is perfect to enjoy a moment with yourself; without disturbing the person sleeping next to you. Kids Lighting is very important! To avoid strain on eyes it essential that children have adequate lighting supply during studying, reading or doing any other activity.

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